“The minute I met the Aesthetic Nurse I loved her! There is something special about her. She is so friendly and assuring. You will have to meet her and find out for yourself. She took one look at my face and knew exactly where to inject and what products to use. I have been getting fillers now for over five years from dermatologists and for the last three by a plastic surgeon. She does the best job of anyone I have ever used. And painless in comparison to all the others! She has the ability to fill the area so that I look naturally younger. This is important to me, as I am a fitness trainer and in my industry looking your best matters. I highly recommend her. However, don’t take up too much of her time, she won’t have any left for me!” —C.B.

“I am a 62 year old woman who wants to look her best without having to undergo surgery. I have been a client of the Aesthetic Nurse’s for over a year. My results have been amazing. She is a very warm and compassionate person. Her professionalism is above and beyond her calling. When she starts a procedure she explains every detail to you so you know what to expect. If she thinks she caused you any kind of discomfort she feels it right along with you. When you leave the office your visit is not over. She will follow up with phone calls to her clientele. She will make sure you are progressing as expected and if you have any questions she gladly answers them all and puts your mind to rest. This past weekend I was out for dinner and ran into some old friends who I have not seen in over 20 years. They were amazed at how I have not aged as they did. I owe this all to my visits with her. I recommend to everyone who wants to look the best they can for as long as they can to make an appointment today with the Aesthetic Nurse. You will not be sorry and the results are amazing.” —V.S.

“After seeing my wife’s results and the positive experience I began thinking about what I could have done. I made an appointment to speak with the nurse practitioner. She asked me what I thought I needed. I had lines on my forehead and around my mouth. She administered Botox to my forehead and Juvederm in the creases (the parenthesis) around my mouth. I could not believe the results. As a man you don’t want anything to look obvious. She did a fantastic job.” —C. W.

“In a calm and tranquil spa-like environment Dr. Greenwald gave me back a carefree approach to life. Thank you.” —Marianne O’Hare, radio talk show host

“I have had the opportunity of working with over 100 cosmetic medical practices and I was so impressed with Dr. Lori Greenwald’s commitment to excellence. I congratulate you on running a hospital quality practice with the welcoming ambiance of a relaxing spa. The staff has been carefully selected and trained under the strict supervision of Board Certified Vascular Surgeon, Dr. Greenwald to provide excellence. Adding the aesthetic procedures such as fractional skin resurfacing, hair reduction, Botox and Restylane, and treatment of facial veins and sun damage and physician led skin care just completes the offering to your loyal patients. I know that your patients will appreciate the hands on professional touch of Dr. Greenwald in all of these treatments… It will be the go to business for cosmetic medical solutions in the Hartford area.” —Cindy Graf, faculty of International Association of Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine Consultant to PBS