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Dry Hands During the Corona Virus Quarantine? Here’s What To Do

Many people are self-isolating or quarantining because of the coronavirus, meaning they’re not going outside much at all. And even if you’re just practicing social distancing, it’s likely you’re spending a lot less time outdoors.

Although they’re in the best interest of public health, all of these practices can lead to unintended skin damage if not cared for properly. One of the biggest skin issues you might run into during this time is dryness. You’ve probably already been dealing with dry hands as a result of washing them more frequently, but that dryness could impact the skin on your face as well.

Over-washing your hands can lead to disruption of the outer skin layer, with dryness and irritation and can result in your hands being dry during this time and hands could be chapped, rough, red or slight bleeding.

Make sure to use a moisturizer on your hands regularly after washing.  Our medical esthetician suggests apply that moisturizer when your hands are still damp. The cream traps in that moisture rather than letting it fully evaporate and can increase the effectiveness of a lotion or cream by sealing it in as well.  She recommends Glymed’s epidermal sealant or Alastin’s nourishing nectar to seal in moisturizer and protect skin barrier.

If you have cotton gloves at home, you apply that moisturizer and put those cotton gloves over it. It’s really going to help the skin on your face might also get dry while you’re at home because it’s still cold outside in many places, you likely have the heat on at home, and that artificial, dry air can dry out your skin.

One thing Christina, our medical aesthetician recommends for that is exfoliation treatments and using products with hyaluronic acid in them, as it’s known to promote moisture. Try to think of the time at home as a vacation for your skin. Many people have “over-processed” skin as a result of their daily routines. Wearing and removing makeup, as well as applying an excessive amount of products or using products incorrectly to your face can sometimes lead to problems. Now that we’re going to be indoors, we can kind of strip some of that back and simplify the regimens and focus on exfoliation and proper hydration.

Simply not wearing makeup can make a huge difference in your skin’s health. This is also a good time to think about correction. When our lives are busy, we forget to stick to a regimen every day.  Many skincare correcting products are recommended to be used at night or when you will not be in the sun to treat wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Spending weeks inside really applying these treatments as indicated and trying to maximize correction while you’re inside and have the time to focus on it.

Christina is available to help you virtually from home with treatment regimens during the Corona Virus Quarantine. To schedule a free appointment, call her directly at 1.413.222.0669 or email her at christinaclmt@yahoo.com

You can order any products she recommends from Alastin or Glymed from our website.

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Dry Hands During the Corona Virus Quarantine? Here’s What To Do
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