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I Started Taking Care of My Skin, So Why Am I Having Problems?

Hello my friends,

Regardless of age or hormonal situations, for some it seems like the more they do, the worse their skin gets. Why does switching to quality products cause skin problems when it is supposed to improve the complexion? With my own personal experience, as well as close friends and family, I have discovered the mystery.

After trying several products and thinking I had narrowed it down, I started to pay attention to ingredients. I started to look at what I was changing in my skincare regimen and when a problem arose, I took a look at what was in it. I used all the products and ingredients that claimed to be the best, and make the changes I was looking for. Everything I tried was making me breakout, made me feel oily, or made me too dry or sensitive. I started to fear that maybe there wasn’t anything that would work for me, and that I just had abnormal skin that wasn’t like anyone else’s. I started to research ingredients that I found common in the products that seemed to instigate my skin issues. “Does Vitamin C cause breakouts? Does glycolic acid cause hormonal breakouts or skin peeling? Are there negative side effects with lactic acid?” and the list goes on. I found that anything containing acids claiming to be good for my skin; were making it look like a relief map of the Swiss Alps. But why? Initially I thought I had a sensitivity to them, or may be because it is a sugar derivative, it was feeding the bacteria on my face and causing my acne.

After some digging I discovered that myself, along with everybody who is prone to acne, should stay away from the popular vitamin C, because it causes breakouts. As far as the exfoliating acids, the reaction I was having was intended. I had no idea that my skin was purging – something I had not been prepared for. Purging means your skin gets worse before it gets better. It is eliminating all of the pore buildup and toxins. This escapes the skin in the form of pustules and inflammation. Not everyone’s skin reacts this way, but for those who go through this process with products containing acids, stick with it. Once the skin rids itself of the debris, it becomes healthy, clears up, and looks radiant, youthful, and much easier to maintain. Stick to your quality medical grade skincare everyone, I promise there is a reward at the end!

Best wishes in your skin health journey,

Vanessa Martin,

Medical Aesthetician

About Vivesse Med Spa

Vivesse is a medical spa in Bloomfield, Connecticut dedicated to bringing the most up-to-date cosmetic medical spa treatments to the Hartford area including the communities of Avon, West Hartford, Simsbury, South Windsor, Hartford & Manchester. We provide everything from Botox and Juvederm to Hydrafacials and laser skin resurfacing and skin tightening. We are one of the only skin care facilities in Hartford to offer Plasma Facial with PRP (Microneedling). Vivesse is led by Dr. Lori Greenwald, who is recognized as one of the best surgeons in the country by both Money Magazine and the Consumer’s Research Council of America and is recognized as an Alma Laser Luminary for laser therapy.

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I Started Taking Care of My Skin, So Why Am I Having Problems?
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